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Darwins Irrtum, 8. Auflage

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300 pages, 108 photographs, mainly in color, 43 illustrations and diagrams

Antediluvian findings prove:
dinosaurs and humans lived simultaneously in coexistence

Original German title: "DARWINS IRRTUM"

Was there an evolution? How old is the Earth really?

Everything seems proven: Earth is some billion years old. Scientific methods determine the ages of things. Geologists confirm the slow growth of rock strata and earth layers. Biologists prove that human beings gradually developed from protozoa to humanity. Both sciences substantiate each other’s theories. Are they one-legged men, one supporting the other? Or is the evidence they bring forth really secured?

If all things are exactly proven and explored, then we should ask ourselves, why we take certain phenomena for granted that we still are not able to explain. Why do we find dinosaur skeletons on all continents so close to the ground surface that, in some cases, the bones simply jut out of the ground? How come whole nests of eggs survived without signs of decay, and why were they not eaten by other animals? We simply accept that we make these findings after more than 64 million years – incredible findings, however, if we apply to them, what we know of history and the enormous time that has elapsed. Let alone that science is unable to explain, how petrifaction can take place on the surface at all. By merely lying around long enough? If so, then we should be able to observe this tendency towards surface petrifaction today. Why has no such process been documented?

Not only at the Paluxy River in Texas but in other parts of the world as well, traces of dinosaurs, trilobites, mammals, and humans were found together. The Theory of Evolution chronologically allocates the lifetimes of these living beings to ages hundreds of millions of years apart. The author personally partook in excavations proving the temporal coexistence of all of these life forms. He also proves: There was no evolution. It is merely a fictitious working model.

There have always been doubts about our view of the world. Great mysteries to some extent form our normality. For example: How did the ice ages come about? How did the rusty piece of a bicycle get into layers formed during the last ice age? Where did the gigantic belt of loess come from that stretches from France all the way to distant China? Why was the Antarctic ice-free in a more recent past, as ancient charts show? Why did the continents drift apart when dinosaurs still existed? How come we find so many tools and technical aids in age-old geological strata of rock? How is it possible that we are able to admire a 4500 year old Akkadian rolled seal at Berlin’s »Middle Eastern Museum« that displays all planets of our solar system, if only five of them are visible to the bare eye?

Many questions to which this book gives detailed answers. For the first time, a book presents a comprehensive, unquestioningly conclusive concept of the earth’s past.

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Back Cover Text

Published in nine languages, this Bestseller pits the latest discoveries and new evidence against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The author who owes his insight and expertise to numerous excavations he participated in himself describes recent findings which – in line with suppressed results of scientific research – prove what seems unthinkable to us today:

Yes, there were cataclysms (among them The Flood) in the course of history, but no, there was no evolution. The Earth’s crust is relatively young and no more than a few thousand years ago its poles were free of ice.

“Impact is what Earth scientists call the incident, when a large cosmic rock mass penetrates the earth atmosphere and hits the earth‘s surface. And this is just about what happens to those who read “Sorry, Darwin“ – like a massive meteorite Hans J. Zillmer’s view of the world probes into the convolutions of his reader’s brain and effectively and thoroughly shaking the logically explained and founded world image of Darwin and Lyell, he leaves his readers in utter amazement why for so many years we have taken all these scientific explanations for the gospel.”

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Once upon a time, there was a 200-year-old worldview elaborately proven by every available field of science. Only very little was left to be discovered and knowledge was virtually unlimited...

A modern fairy tale that resulted from the theories of planetary mechanics by Isaac Newton and the »Theory of Evolution« by Charles Darwin: An all-embracing harmony was supposed to have constantly prevailed.  According to these principles, the universe, and therefore our earth, developed gradually and uniformly.

By mere coincidence a protozoon grew out of an amino acid. It then did not go on to grow into a two-celled life form but, as Evolutionary Theory has it, directly went on to develop into a complex life form. If that is true, a question that up till now has not been asked, arises: Where did that second cell come from, after the first one had merely developed by some incredible coincidence? Was there a set of incredible coincidences at the same time or had there at first been only two? In this case, at one time, at least, a life form with two cells must have existed. Why does this organism, or even one with three or four cells, not exist in nature now?

How did the genetic code become part of cells? And where did it come from? These questions still belong to the great mysteries of life. Be that as it may, life is supposedly proven to have originated in the water and subsequently further developed ashore. All this is believed to have happened very slowly and systematically.
Charles Lyell’s geological theory on the exclusive effectiveness of miniscule contemporary forces on changes on the earth’s surface laid the foundations for our present view of the world. This means that the appearance of the earth has merely changed slightly and insignificantly in the course of the earth’s history. Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory again is implicitly built on this dogma, for continuous gradual development is possible only if there were no drastic global catastrophes. Darwinism is based on the assumption that the fittest species survives by means of the selection principle. Mutation, natural selection, and isolation are the decisive factors of evolution.

Said theories today are attributed the quality of unassailable cardinal laws. This book points out the contradictions of these theories by using fossils, petrified findings and by taking ancient records into consideration: Chaos prevailed, not uniformity. The Old Testament, in particular, will be consulted to answer open questions.

Until two hundred years ago, virtually all of humankind believed in Lord’s Creation. The Darwinian Theory of Evolution long went unrecognized because it strictly denied biblical genesis and the special role humankind derived from it for itself, relegating it to the sphere of legend. By bringing forth rock solid evidence, this book will expose Evolutionary Theory to be a misconception. Latest research has unmasked as a simple fraud what until now seemed the unshakable pillar of Darwinism: Ernst Haeckel’s Biogenetic Basic Law. All these theories were put forth during the last century and require radical reconsideration. Only outsiders and their interdisciplinary considerations are capable of starting off this re-evaluation, even if it provokes vehement protest as was the case when Immanuel Velikovsky published his books.

The above-mentioned theories of uniformity reject any global catastrophe as a matter of principle because it would prove that a uniform development of the species is unfounded. All observations made today are still projected into earth’s past. This is a comfortable system with fixed, unchanging key features, allowing calculation and interpretation of any phenomenon. If, however, there was at least one end of the world, then all theories of uniformity would be false and, thus, inevitably furnish inaccurate results.

If one can prove that species that are assumed to have lived in succession, actually existed simultaneously, one denies that there could have been such a thing as evolution. In this case, Darwinism by its own definition is a castle in the air, without any foundation in reality.

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The Author     …..…………………………………………6
Prologue     ..……………………………………………….7

1. Artifact or Fake?     .……………………………………9

2. The Fossil Hammer     ………………………………..12
A Visit to Glen Rose 12 • Description of the Ham-
mer 13 • Examination of the Hammer 15 • Natural
Origin of Steel? 18 • When Was it Made? 18
A Different Theory 20

3. Dinosaur and Men Walked Together     …………….21
A Type of Rock Similar to Concrete 21 • Discoveries
of the Past 100 Years 22 • Research in the Past 25
Recent Research 27 • Another Visit to Glen Rose 28

4. The Mystery of Time    ……………………………….33
Dinosaurs on the Surface of the Earth 33
Trilobites 40 • History of the Earth Shorter? 43
Discoveries Worldwide 47 • Exceptional Findings in
Coal Seams 51 • Mount St. Helens 53 • The Paradox
 of Time and the Evolution 55

5. Time-Eating Monsters     …………………………….57
Mass Graves 57 • Safe Establishment of Dates? 62
Manipulated Chronologies 65 • Faulty Dating of
Inorganic Findings 66 • Rapid Hardening
of Sedimentary Rock 67 • Little Monsters in
Decay Series 73 • Natural Nuclear Reactor 79

6. The Earth Dances     ………………………………….81
Ancient Maps 81 • An Ancient Navigation System 84
An Ice-free South Pole 87 • The Sudden Dis-
appearance of the Mammoth 88 • Loess Deposits 92
Sudden Winter 96 • Duration of Solar Years 101
Earth’s Staggering Axis 105 • Changing Cardinal
Points 107 • Standstill of the Sun 109 • A series
of Catastrophes 112• The Hopi Myth 113

7. The Swapping of Roles     ………………………….…114
Useless Theories 114 • Ice Age or Flood 118
The Moraines 120 • Another Atmosphere 122

8. Inevitable Birth of the Earth     ……………………. ..130
Worldwide Cosmic Meteorite Impacts 130
Asteroids 132 • Violent Birth of the Earth 135
Star Chart of Thebes 142 • The Twelfth Planet 145

9. Geology and Myth     …………………………………149
Geology as Seen by Time 149 • Myths about the
Flood 152 • Plato’s Narration 158• Continental Drift
Contradictory? 164

 10. A Global Flood     …………………………………….168
Subsiding of the Flood 168 • The Burning Earth 169
The Tidal Waves 171 • The Darkness 173 • A Sudden
Drop in Temperature, Snowfall, and Torrential
Downpour 175 • Consequential Damage of the
Flood 176 • Emergence of Coal and Oil 177
Emergence of Amber 180 • South America tilted? 180
The Folding of Mountains 183

 11. Witnesses of Time     ………………………………..186
Dating the Flood 186 • Consumption of Raw
Materials 188• Specific Geological Characteristics 188
A Weaker Protective Screen 195 • The Salt of the
Seas 193 • The Erosion of the Continents 194
Dripstone Caverns 197 • Tropical Corals 197
Live Swimming Dinosaurs 199 • Live Fossils 202
Mokele-mbembe 206

12. Evolution or Creation     …………………………… 208
Theorem of Entropy 208 • Microevolution 209
Ready-made Beings 218 • Feathers and Flight 220
Ready-made Plants 218 • Gigantism 221 • The
Biblical Creator 223• The Sumerian Creators 226

13. The House of Cards Collapses     …………………  229
Thousands of Year-Old High-Tech 2229
A New Worldview 232

Epilogue     234

Annotations     238
Bibliography     242
Glossary of Basic Terms    253
Index     257
Picture Credits     267
Figure Credits     267


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  Wissenschaft ohne Grenzen (Science Unlimited)

»This book evokes a rapidly growing public interest in a new conception of prehistory.«


  Efodon Synesis N° 29/1998

»A book of superlatives! Zillmer does not only display revolutionary ideas – he can prove exactly whatever he maintains.«


Buchhändler heute (Bookseller Today)

»The seller of the month: German researcher versus Darwin, creation versus evolution – an extremely exciting book, one of the titles most frequently ordered via Internet at Amazon Books, besides those by Stephen Hawking.«



Buchhändler heute (Bookseller Today)

June 1999


German Researcher vs. Darwin

In spring and summer 1999, he, again, went to the United States, to Colorado and to Texan Paluxy River. His souvenir? A photograph of a human footprint. Nothing much, really, but: This human foot stands in the same stratum as does the foot of a dinosaur! Dinosaurs, however, – so the official school of thought – became extinct about 60 million years ago.

Dinosaur Tracks with human footprint
This picture shows the footprint of a human being right next to dinosaur tracks.

Nevertheless, the evolution of man – according to the findings of science so far – essentially began in the Quaternary. It is this the youngest geological formation: the glacial periods and the ensuing warm phase, in which we live today. A period from the beginning of the glacial periods 600 000 years ago to the end of the last glacial period 10 000 years ago. Erect-walking, tool-making man evolved – this, too, is stated by the textbooks – from other species on earth, for example the anthropoid ape »Lucy«. Scientists refer to her as our »Eva«, and they found their assumption on the famous so-called Theory of Evolution by the English biologist and naturalist, Charles Darwin (1809–1882).

Hans-Joachim Zillmer does not see it that way at all. In his book, he substantiates his point with findings from parts all over earth. Zillmer, a qualified engineer, has acquired extensive experience on performance of rocks and minerals and their handling in the line of his work as a building contractor. Knowing about how different types of rocks and minerals react under the influence of water, heat, and pressure, he participated personally in more than thirty excavations. He made his most spectacular discoveries at the Paluxy River in Texas, where masses of fossilized dinosaur tracks are found to coincide with human footprints.

But weren’t dinosaurs long extinct before walking-erect humanity appeared on the face of the earth? Did mankind already exist in the era of the saurians after all? Or is our Earth simply very much younger? Questions orthodox science is incapable of answering. In contrast, Zillmer states: »Research conclusively shows that all species existed contemporaneously.« He is convinced: evolution did not take place. It is no more than an imaginary working model.

The concrete evidence of the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans at hand, in the eyes of Zillmer, sweeps Evolutionary Theory aside.

We are keen to see how orthodox geology, orthodox paleontology, and our prehistorians will react to Zillmer’s book.

The reader could not care less about the attitude of science for he is presented with a highly captivating book, that by making background knowledge unnecessary is easy to consume by everybody. At Amazon Books on the Internet Darwin’s Mistake ranks among the most popular scientific titles – next to those by Stephen Hawking.

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Andrea Bonetti (Director of school magazine “La Voce” in Trento, Italy
interviewed Hans-Joachim Zillmer to publish in official school magazine

read Interview

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