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Andrea Bonetti (Director of school magazine “La Voce” in Trento, Italy)
interviewed Hans-Joachim Zillmer to publish in official school magazine


1.With your book you elaborated a convincing theory based on the years of study you carried out: it puts Darwin’s evolution theory in a difficult position and it also seems about to crush it. Other scientists and philosophers, in this period and especially in the USA, are facing a debate concerning the opportunity to bring into question the biological history and not the history of human beings. Do you think the right moment to reopen the debate about this matter has come or do you feel like it would be necessary to carry out further studies and researches before undertaking a kind of offensive against Darwinism?

In my opinion, it is the right moment to reopen the debate. At this time, fresh discussion has started in Germany. For example, my book on this topic, Darwin’s Mistake (= Darwins Irrtum, translated into 10 languages: so, for example, “L´Errore di Darwin” in Italy and “Darwin’s Mistake” in the United States), was published in 1998. Four years later, German evolutionists called for setting up a work-study group on evolutionary biology (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evolutionsbiologie) to prevent authors like myself from publishing articles or books against evolution.
The moment to reopen the debate is correct, because now there is a lot of evidence against theories of evolution and modern geology, so, for example, the geological time table.

2.How did so called “official” scientists reacted to the geological discoveries you illustrated in your book, which allow you to call into question the whole history of mankind? Have you undergone serious attacks or have they opted for ignoring the matter?

Both things happened. The best way out for scientists is simply to ignore all the evidence presented, and not just in my books. It has been said that discoveries of modern man made artefacts in very old geological strata are wrong and should be ignored by scientists. If not, then the geological timescale will be collapsed in time like a retracting a rubber band.
New research shows that the collapse of geological time is taking place in all branches of science. In “Darwin’s Mistake,” I stated that the Grand Canyon is quite young and not millions of years old. Indians tell how the Grand Canyon was formed at the time of their ancestors. New research shows that the Grand Canyon was formed in a few stages. The youngest stage formed the Grand Canyon only 1300 years ago. The Indian myths are correct.
Also I wrote that the Grand Canyon is a monument to catastrophe and was washed out in stages by ancient mega floods and not by the tiny Colorado River. This is also confirmed by new research in The Geological Survey of America.

3.In your book you frequently mention a huge catastrophe which involved our planet millions of years ago. Other authors and scholars, among whom Graham Hancook, found out in written works of ancient civilisations many clues that postulate the fact that this story may be really reliable. Throughout your studies, what have been the finds which most impressed you? Could you make a hypothesis about the time in which the Flood took place?

In my opinion, a huge catastrophe happened some thousands of years ago. I wrote that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man lived on after this catastrophe and not some 30,000 years ago. In my new book published in August of 2005, I point out that all the skulls of these ancient humans are only some thousands of years old. The “Oldest Westphalian,” for example, who is officially considered to be about 28,000 years old is now thought to be only 250 years old. All the recently dated skulls in Germany are only some thousands of years old as I previously wrote in my books. All these ancient cultures seem to have developed just some few thousands of years ago. On the other hand, you find old cities on the bottom of the ocean floor. The North Sea between England, Germany and Norway was fully populated a few thousand years ago before this entire area was flooded in a few stages. Then, too, today you find remains of old houses more than a hundred meters below the surface of the Black Sea. The face of the earth was thus totally different from today just a few thousand years ago.
The “scientific” theories of evolution and geology are based on the “Doctrine of Uniformity”. This makes no allowance for catastrophes that happened a few thousand years ago. Only one of these theories can be correct: either the uniformity doctrine is correct, or worldwide catastrophes actually occurred.

4.Investigating about the human being theory, you may think that the most fascinating and mysterious element is the out-and-out origin of mankind. In the light of your discoveries and your findings, do you believe it would be possible to make hypothesis about it or is it still an enigmatic and confused topic?

In my new book published in August of  2005 (Die Evolutionslüge = The Lie of Evolution) this topic is discussed in detail. As already stated, there are no longer any prehistoric human skulls in Germany after they were new examined in 2004 because the ages for these skulls were all made up in the brain of the famous Professor Dr. Protsch of the University of Frankfurt ten years ago. The other Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon skulls must be redated. In the future, it will be shown that most of these skulls are quite young, only some few thousand years old. It may well be that there are some much older skulls. But if this is the case, then there will be very few remains. With these few remains you cannot produce evidence for a history of mankind. All humanoid bones older than the Neanderthals are very rare. You could place these bones on a pool table. One piece of bone would represent thousands of generations. To build an evolutionary chain out of these rare bones is not science. And new scientific evidence, together with my earlier statements in Darwin’s Mistake , demonstrate that the ancestors of humans did not live in trees.

5.Italy represents a rather backlog country in the field of scientific research. Your book, published here in 2000, provoked a ferocious argument lasted unfortunately only few days. Unlike the rest of the world, where Darwinism has been closet as a mere hypothesis, in Italy it seems as though a sort of dogmatism could put in a bad light anyone wishing to make a dent in Evolutionism. How do you judge scientific commitment in our country?
Would you consider it equal to the international situation or would you say that it is easy to notice Italian backwardness, above all in arguments regarding bioethics?

In Germany, Darwinism or Neo-Darwinism is not a sort of dogmatism; it is dogma. No discussion is allowed. But I think the time is right to discuss this dogma anew. The time is right because you cannot block information and conceal evidence as in former times. Some years ago, new evidence and new theories or even scientists themselves were blocked because it was only permissible to publish such research in officially sanctioned magazines such as Science or Nature. And if these articles did not conform to accepted theory, then these articles were not allowed to be published.
Italy is no more backward than Germany or other countries. But I wonder why ideas against evolution have not attracted more attention in Italy. Why is the pope going along with the theory of evolution? But there is discussion going on out there by the creationists in North America, and this discussion will reach Europe. I am not a creationist, but they do have some good scientists. They will, moreover, provide new evidence for terrestrial catastrophes some thousands of years ago. And as I already pointed out, if these catastrophes actually occurred, then there is no place for the theory of evolution.
My book L´Errore di Darwin (Darwins Irrtum / Darwin´s Mistake) has been very well received in Germany and is now in its 7th edition, and in Italy a new paperback edition of L´Errore di Darwin appeared in 2005.

6.After “Darwin’s mistake”, have you written other books that still have to be translated into Italian, or are you currently working at another research? What project have you got for the future?

My second book, Errors of Earth History (Irrtümer der Erdgeschichte, in English in progress: Mistake Earth Sciene), which provides stronger evidence against the theories of evolution and geology, will be published in Italian and English within the next few months. After this book, I wrote three further books. The most recent one, The Lie of Evolution, was published just this past August and provided strong evidence that the history of humankind is a fraud. At this time, I am writing a new book against modern geology and its theory of plate tectonics. This story is far from being over!