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  The Human History Mistake

The Human History Mistake

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The Human History Mistake
- The Neanderthals and other Inventions of the Evolution and Earth Sciences

Original German title: "DIE EVOLUTIONSLÜGE"

Our ancestors didn't live in trees, and apes never turned into humans. In The Human History Mistake, German bestselling author Hans-Joachim Zillmer has compiled factual material and empirical facts from all over the world proving that Charles Darwin's evolution theory is a myth.
For more than thirty years, Zillmer has concentrated on investigating contentious findings and inconsistencies in the images of the world, recording numerous sensational discoveries and showing that documenting the anthropogenesis must be changed. In The Human History Mistake, Zillmer points to numerous finds from the Stone Age that are far younger than previously thought. The skulls of Neanderthal man and of people from the Paleolithic age must be made "younger" by as much as 27,000 years to the age of a few thousand or even hundreds of years.
This science book rejects the ideas of macroevolution, but instead demonstrates that microevolution plays a much larger role in the creation of new species. Accompanied by sixty-nine photos and forty-nine illustrations, The Human History Mistake shows that the history of mankind must be rewritten.


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  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing (January 21, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 142692352X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1426923524
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Prologue   ……………………………………………………..7

1  The Fountain of Youth   …………………..…………………9
Clairvoyants in Arizona  9 • The Tertiary Phantom Age  12 • Tilt of the Earth's Axis  19 • Superfloods  21 • Spillway Grand Canyon  29 • Fresh Traces  35 • Since Time Immemorial  37 • Ice Age as Time Impact  39

2  A Jumble of Bones   ………………………………………….45
Trees, Apes and Hominids  45 • Lucy, the Ape  46 • Flexible Anatomy  47 • The Missed Rendezvous  49 • Fictional Family Trees  51 • The Relegation of Links  56 • Homo-Species  58 • Human Co-Existence  60 • The Upright Mountain Ape  63 • Aquatic Apes  64 • Dramatic Changes  66 • Modern Primeval Feet  70 • Rare Bones  73

3  Dating and Arbitrariness   …………………..………………78
Hot Spot Volcanism  78 • Young East African Rift Valley  79 • Incalculable Lava  82 • Completely Wrong Measurements  85 • Too Few Noble Gases  87

4  Pack of Lies: Descent of Man   …………….…………….….90
Knowledge Filters  90 • Scientific Manipulation  91 • Not Allowed  94 • Man Before The Dinosaurs  97 • Footprints Which Are Too Old  99 • Tertiary Man  103 • A Change of Opinion  108 • Ploughed Up  110 • Anomalously Old Tools  116 • An Ancient Hut  121

5  The Neanderthal Falsity   ………………….…….…………122
The Evolution of the Neanderthals  122 • Species or
Sub-Species?  125 • Did They Just Disappear?  126 •
They're Still Alive  129 • Old Becomes Young  131 • Crime Scene: Frankfurt University  134 • Cut Sharply  138 • Nomadic Carnivores  142 • Changes in Habitat  155 • Neanderthals in America  169 • A Lame Example  170 • Primeval Family 5,000 Years Ago  174

6  Falsified Proof of Evolution   ………………………………176
How a Pig's Tooth Became a Human  176 • Gone With the Wind  177 • The Java Ape  179 • One Jaw, Countless Generations  180 • The Long-Term Deception  181 • Haeckel Already "Protsched"  182 • Present-Day Falsifications  184 • Selection and Mutation  185 • Natural Selection  190 • Fossils Versus Evolution  191 • Ideology, Racism and Terrorism  193

    Epilogue   ………………………………………...…………199

    Bibliography   ………………………………………………202

    Index   ………………….……………………………………211

    Photos   ……………….……………………………………..215

    Advise:   Mistake Earth Science   ………….………………247

    Advise:   The Columbus-Mistake   ……….………………..248


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The bomb has fallen - a shock for the paleoanthropologists and evolutionists, seeing their scientific disciplines and the theory of Man's evolution in Europe shaken to their very foundations. Almost unnoticed by the public, a report spooked through the radio and television news: "Numerous Stone Age skulls in Germany are probably much younger than was previously claimed" (dpa, 16.08.2004, 17:59h). This was, in fact, a sensational piece of news, but one which I had already predicted and discussed in my 1998 book "Darwin's Mistake". What set off the bomb was the new dating of some of the bones collected at the University of Frankfurt by Britain's Oxford University. The results demand that the picture of the anatomically modern man - at least in the period of 5,000-40,000 years ago be redrawn. Importantly, there are hardly any remaining significant human remains from the period of 30,000-40,000 years ago. It is amusing that the Neanderthal of Hahnöfersand is only 7,500 years old rather than 36,300, and the skull of the "oldest Westphalian" from Paderborn-Sande should now be known as the "youngest Westphalian", given that he is only 250 years old, not 27,400 and dates from around 1750 A.D.

The same goes for the bone fragments from the famous Vogelherd Cave, not 32,000 years as claimed but only 3,900-5,000 years old. For these and other finds, a little mistake of 20,000-30,000 years in dating has been made. Are the corresponding geological strata in which they were found just as young - which of necessity has to be the case? The age of the modern Man, who allegedly arrived in Central Europe 35,000 years ago and displaced Neanderthal Man has just been dramatically reduced. There have been no further bones found for 17,000 and more years of his existence. The oldest immigrants now come from the central Klausen Cave in Bavaria and are 18,590 years old. Otherwise, all the bone remains of our ancestors are far younger than 10,000 years old. And does this mean that Neanderthal Man, who is now 30,000 years younger, will be classified as a modern man or is he still a Neanderthal? It is not only the age of most objects, and certainly all those which have been re-examined, that has to be reduced but those finds previously classified as Neanderthal are now proven to be a brazen instance of false labelling. In 1999 two Neanderthal bones found in the Wildscheuer Cave were re-examined. The skull fragments, which were discovered in 1997, turned out to belong to… cave bears.

There are only two other bone finds in Germany which bear witness to the existence of Neanderthal Man: that at Neanderthal itself and an upper thigh bone found in the Hohlenstein-Stadl Cave in the Alb-Donau District, if we disregard a milk incisor found at the Klausennische. These Neanderthals too should be re-dated. It is the efforts of individual scientists, who are owed a debt of thanks for seeking out the truth, that this swindle has come to light. Nevertheless, the anthropological community deliberately concealed the swindle for decades. Former employees told Der Spiegel news magazine (34/2004) that the star Professor of Anthropology, Reiner Protsch von Zieten, simply dreamt up the datings. Amongst themselves, the staff used the word "protsch" as a synonym for "bending into shape" (in fact, "inventing"). For decades, this was covered up by the personnel because this systematic is systematic: only by presenting false facts in the guise of truth - in films, books and magazines - could the public truly be sold the dogma of Man's descent. Because of the interplay with the media's "evolutionist mass indoctrination", reason has, in a way, been bewitched. The simplest contradictions, which are immediately obvious to a thinking person, or corruptions of the truth, are no longer recognised as such. The individual believes that certain things in his mind are real and he is convinced that this is absolutely logical and rational. He has no doubt as to the rightness of his belief. "When a white-robed scientist.... makes some pronouncement for the general public, he may not be understood but at least he is certain to be believed.....they have the monopoly of the formula: 'It has been scientifically proved… which appears to rule out all possibility of disagreement" (Standen, 1950). In order to unmask this "evolutionary mass indoctrination", this book avoids impersonal scientific treatments of obscure subjects, riddled with jargon.

On the contrary, it brings together a large quantity of factual material and empirical facts from all over the world proving that evolution theory is a pseudo-science of unproven hypotheses based on scientific falsifications. The empirical evidence presented in this book slices through evolution theory which smothers our society like a fog, in order to break down mental prejudice. The evolution lie discussed in this book refers in particular to the deception of macroevolution, i.e. evolution above species level (Mayr, 1991, p. 319): an ape never turned into a human! On the other hand, microevolution takes place every day in nature and artificially during breeding. The rules of heredity with their associated variations of species described by Mendel, which underpin this microevolution, are today one of the cornerstones of experimental genetics. If one also takes climatic influences and spatial isolation into consideration, new varieties of existing animals or humans will be created, but none which represent an evolution as defined in the theories of Charles Darwin.  

1 The Fountain of Youth "Some aspects of experimental earth and human history writing... arouse particular public interest. Once could cite them as prime examples of Zillmer's fountain of youth for earth and the life upon it. Referring to the presumed co–existence of dinosaur and Man, Zillmer significantly shortens the time horizon for the evolution of life in certain of its forms", wrote Prof. Dr. Bazon Brock (2001, p. 16). This co–existence, which contradicts evolution theory, is supported by firm evidence: the dinosaur expert, Paul C. Sereno recently found the fossilised bones of dinosaurs, aquatic saurians and enormous primeval crocodiles in the same surface layer of the Sahara, together with a fossilised cow skull and fossilised human bones. The age which is said to separate dinosaurs from Man – the Tertiary – is a phantom age. Clairvoyants in Arizona During research in the US State of Arizona, my attention was drawn to an unusual find reported in the "Arizona Daily Star" newspaper on 23 December 1925. In my book, Kolumbus kam als Letzter ("Columbus Came Last"), I published drawings of three artefacts from this collection (Zillmer, 2004, Photo 70). At that time, I was unable to get photographs. The Silverbell Artefacts, named after the find site at Silver Bell Road, near Tucson, Arizona, are made of lead. These mysterious artefacts which were found during several excavations since the original discovery in 1924, were exhibited and described by the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1925. Did the Silverbell Artefacts, which are made of lead and bear Latin and Hebrew inscriptions, come originally from Europe? All of the significant cultures of the Mediterranean region and India were working lead long ago. In ancient Italy, lead was used in grand style for the construction of water pipes, drinking vessels and plates. "The oldest inscribed Iberian memorials are lead plates" (Haarmann, 1998, p. 420), and a lead plate with an inscription praising the deeds of the dead man, were found in a Viking grave. Other excavations unearthed medieval amulets made of wood and lead, with Latin letters and runes (Düwel, 2001, pp. 227–302). An analysis of the Silverbell Artefacts lead, undertaken in Tucson on 24 August 1924, showed a lead content of 96.8% with small quantities of gold, silver, copper and zinc.


Press Release


Macroevolution vs. Microevolution: The Great Debate
Experienced Author and Researcher Challenges Darwin’s Theory of Evolution with New Evidence

SOLINGEN, DEU – In his new evolutionary examination The Human History Mistake: The Neanderthals and other Inventions of the Evolution and Earth Sciences (published by Trafford Publishing), German bestseller author Hans-Joachim Zillmer finally reveals the factual material and empirical facts he has compiled from sources around the world disproving Charles Darwin’s long-accepted theory of evolution.

According to Zillmer, our ancestors didn’t live in trees, and apes never turned into humans through millions of years of progressive (and seemingly random) evolution. In truth, this brilliant researcher has concentrated on investigating contentious findings and inconsistencies in the images of the world for more than 30 years, especially as his findings pertain to human development on Earth, recording numerous sensational discoveries and demonstrating how the documentation the anthropogenesis must be changed.

Now, in his monumental and controversial book The Human History Mistake, Zillmer points to numerous finds from the Stone Age, those are far younger than previously thought. The skulls of Neanderthal man and people from the Paleolithic Age were newly dated “younger” by as much as 27,000 years to the age of a few thousand years or even hundred of years. The oldest Westphalian gets devastating younger over night to an age of only 250 years. Recording numerous sensational discoveries, Zillmer shows that drastically climate changes and tremendous natural disasters influenced the history of mankind conclusively and there no Paleolithic Age happened.

Learn how Zillmer can demonstrate that microevolution plays (and has played) a much more significant role in the development of new species while rejecting the commonly help ideas of macroevolution, re-envisioning the Darwin’s classic theory of evolution and evidencing a much broader view of human development on the planet.

Accompanied by more than a hundred telling photos and breathtaking illustrations, Zillmer’s The Human History Mistake shows that the history of mankind must be rewritten once and drafts an alternative scenario by which the prejudices of individual scientific disciplines are broken down.

About the Author
Zillmer is a German author, entrepreneur and independent researcher, no creationist and no evolutionist.  He holds two degrees in construction engineering, and he works as a civil engineer and architect in an advisory capacity. In addition to The Human History Mistake, his third English book, Zillmer has also written Darwin’s Mistake and Mistake Earth Science as well as numerous bestsellers in German, which have been translated into more than 11 languages. Interested readers and media professionals can visit for more information about Zillmer and his books

The Human History Mistake
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